It’s always an excellent idea to make sure that both the interior and exterior of your home are in as good shape as possible before you list it for sale. But that doesn’t require to pay for major renovations or to spend a huge amount of money. If that was what you intended to do, you wouldn’t be looking to sell the property in the first place.

Even minor repairs and some basic changes will make your home look better and more valuable. Here are some of the simple things you can do to make your home look better to prospective buyers and to increase its value.

Exterior Appearance
  • Make sure the lawn has been mowed
  • Make sure all hedges and bushes have been trimmed
  • Make sure that the garden has been weeded and edged
  • Clean the driveway, making sure that all oil spills are removed
  • Clean out the garage
  • Use a power washer on the outside of the house
  • Make sure that the paint isn’t chipping or peeling
  • Plant some flowers. They don’t have to be expensive and you can use pots.
Front of the House
  • Make sure the front porch and foyer are swept and cleaned
  • Make sure the doorbell works
  • Fix all the screens on doors and windows
  • Apply fresh paint or refinish the front door
  • Make sure that all locks and key access are functioning
Evoke the Right Mood
  • Ensure that the whole home smells clean and appealing
  • Turn on the lights to best highlight the home
  • Turn on the air conditioning or heating. You want prospective buyers to be comfortable.
  • If there’s a fireplace, make sure that it’s lit.
Make Sure the Home Looks Spacious
  • Get rid of any mess in the halls or on the stairs
  • Remove any unnecessary furniture
  • Make sure all surfaces in the kitchen, including counters and stovetops are cleared
  • Make sure that all closets are not overcrowded. Remove unnecessary clothing and stored material
  • Get rid of empty boxes that are lying around
  • Temporarily remove all personal photos. You want prospective buyers to see themselves in the house, not you and your family
Basic Maintenance
  • Make sure there are no leaking faucets or taps
  • Make sure the furnace and filters are cleaned
  • Make sure all door knobs and window latches are tightened
  • Make sure there’s no cracked plaster and that all holes are filled
  • Clean all the windows and repair them if necessary
  • Again, a coat of paint where needed can work wonders
  • Ensure that bathtubs and sinks are properly sealed and grouted
  • Make sure that all lights and lamps are working
  • Make sure no doors are squeaking or sticking
  • Fix any loose or noisy floorboards
  • Clean all bathrooms, and make sure they smell fresh
  • Make sure the fridge and stove are spotless, interior and exterior
  • Ensure all heating vents are dust-free
  • Make sure the washer and dryer are clean and smell fresh
  • Thoroughly dust and clean, perhaps even steam-clean, all carpets, drapes and blinds
  • Get rid of any pet odours and stains

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