Your realtor will suggest a number of ways to best market your home. One of those is likely to be an open house. If you and your realtor have decided to hold an open house, here are some steps to take to ensure it goes well.

To prepare for an open house, you have to plan it properly, promote it well and make sure the house looks its best. And don’t forget to check the forecast. Good weather is always a huge plus.

Planning is crucial. Make sure that the date of the open house doesn’t interfere with any major events. In Toronto, holding an open house during the Stanley Cup finals will severely cut down on any visitors.

Make sue to consult your realtor for advice on how to display your home at its best. You want your home to look at its airiest and most spacious. Get rid of all the junk. Clear out the garage, clear out the closets, take it all to the Salvation Army or Goodwill. You’ll help others, your house will look better and it’ll be less work when you actually move out.

A home that looks like it’s been well-tended will impress any visitors. Make sure you do the little things like cut the grass or clear the snow. Slap some paint on areas that are peeling, oil anything that squeaks, tighten anything that’s coming loose.

Then make sure everybody knows about the open house. Your realtor is probably the one who knows the most about this. Their expertise and knowledge of the neighbourhood might dictate a direct mail campaign, advertising in a local newspaper or promotion on the internet. Whatever the best method is, your realtor will be able to promote your open house to as many people as possible.

But you can do your part as well. Tell your friends, and ask them to tell their friends. Word of mouth is very effective. You can also post ads on local bulletin boards in supermarkets, libraries, churches, gyms or community centres.

When the day actually arrives, your realtor will advise you on how to make sure your home looks its very best. This advice will include leaving all the lights on, making sure there’s a fire going in the fireplace, have soft music playing, make sure there’s fresh coffee brewing and perhaps newly-baked cookies available. And then make sure that during the open house, you and your family are not on the premises.

Visitors inspecting your home will feel awkward and embarassed if you’re present whey they look around. You want them to feel free to look everywhere, to take their time, to ask any questions they want of your realtor. Without you there, your realtor can address their concerns and offer possible solutions. And don’t forget to take the family pet with you. Not all your visitors may love Fido as much as you.

Most importantly, listen to the advice of your realtor when it comes to your open house. You found a realtor because they’re the expert. So listen to what they say.

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